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Canada is one of the most popular destinations to study and gain valuable experience because it has high educational standards.

A study permit is one of the ways to receive a Canadian education and valuable work experience. Together with a student visa, you may be able to also receive a Co-Op work permit, which gives you an opportunity to work in the same field of your study.

Benefits after studies:

  • You will receive an open work permit in Canada which is known as Post Graduate Work Permit. This will depend on your institution, study program, and successful completion of the studies.
  • Your spouse will receive an open work permit while you study and it can be extended throughout your stay in Canada as a valid student or work permit holder.
  • Your children are entitled to attend public school – Your whole family receives government health coverage/benefits
  • Your Canadian education will give you an opportunity to become a permanent resident through many public policy and immigration programs.

However, while foreign students are a major asset to Canada, obtaining a student permit (visa) is not an easy process.

A student permit is a temporary residence visa, and while Canada gives opportunities for foreign students to permanently reside in Canada, the decision of an immigration officer who reviews applications makes their decision based on the assumption that the student will return to their country of origin after graduation.

The embassy’s directives for the student visa approval process include dozens of factors, such as choice of university/college program, age, ability to pay for their education, Language proficiency whether the student is registered alone or living with their family, and more.


More than 300,000 international students get admitted in Canadian Universities and colleges every year. Many of them are able to stay in Canada after finishing their studies. Canadians place incredible significance on learning, and have built up a top notch schooling framework with exclusive requirements. Foreign students bring a rich culture to Canadian classrooms and play a vital role in Canada’s future economy and work force.

Student Work Permit Canada

How can we help you study in canada?

Our immigration advisors are knowledgeable about every single work movement programs that Canada offers. Agate Immigration are IRCC authorized and CICC licensed consultants keep up with all of the latest Canada immigration news and any changes in rules and regulations so that you don't need to stress over submitting obsolete application or missing essential documents as a feature of your application. Having an experienced advice by your side will make the immigration process simple and stress-free. Wherever you are in the immigration process, we can get you through it with ease. In the event that you have just presented an application and gotten a refusal, we will evaluate your circumstance to decide whether our group of specialists can resolve your case or help you in re-applying.

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