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Whenever you have graduated from a qualified program at a Canadian educational organization, you may meet all requirements to apply for the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program. This program offers graduates a maximum of three year open work permit which will allow you to earn valuable work experience. You do not need to have a job offer to get an open work permit.

The Post-Graduation Work Permit is a great way to get employment experience and form networks in Canada. If you’re an international graduate with completed studies at eligible Canadian post-secondary institutions, this permit could be just what you’re looking for! These valuable documents provide permission from the government, allowing you to take paid employment anywhere within Canada while also forming networks and building experience here.

Post-Graduation Work Permits give international graduates greater employment flexibility than work permits that must undergo labor market verification. Post Grad allows any Canadian employer, industry or province to hire the graduate without having them submit their qualifications for approval first. It also enables these individuals to enter into multiple job offers right away!

Some of the eligibility criteria for a Post-Graduation Work Permit include the following:

  • The completion of a full-time study program that is at least eight months long will allow you to qualify for this profession.
  • You must have graduated from
    • No surprise here. A post-secondary educational institution (university, college or CEGEP) that is PUBLIC or
    • Private organizations operate post-secondary institutions. Still, they receive at least 50% of their funding from government grants or contracts. or
    • An authorized Canadian private educational institution eligible to confer degrees.

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International graduates may permit a Post-Graduation Work Permit with a maximum duration of three years based on the length of the corresponding academic program. Post-Graduation Work Permits provide great relief to international graduates who want employment opportunities in Canada. When you approach Agate Immigration Solutions, you can rest easy knowing that we have your back. Our experienced staff will ensure you’re eligible for a post-graduate work permit and apply accordingly, checking documents to see if there are any violations of requirements or eligibility criteria along the way!

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