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We are an experienced team.

We are a team of legal professionals with integrity and honesty. We take cases we have confidence in and believe we can serve our clients best. Hence, our practice has enjoyed tremendous success in the immigration and visa categories. As Immigration Consultants, we cannot ensure a 100% success rate. Still, we are happy to say that we have given 100% personalized attention and detail to all our client’s cases to maximize their success.

Reasonable and competitive service fees for quality service

We always want to match our services and fees with fellow practitioners of similar knowledge and prominence in the immigration industry to ensure our rates are more competitive, never compromising on our high standards to deliver. Once we evaluate your case, the service fee will be fixed as indicated in our retainer contract. You will be assured that there will be no surprises in fee increases or other unexpected charges.

Tailor Made approach

We don’t hesitate to spend hours understanding each applicant and interpreting their situation and backstory. Every case is separate and therefore needs to be dealt with differently as regards the critical approach and involvement. We work tirelessly towards matching your profile with the best-suited program for you, thereby lessening the possibility of discrepancy at a further stage. Trust us to devise a solution for you: your Special Path to Canada.


At the very core of our values lies the principle of complete transparency. We believe in keeping our clients notified about their position and the status of their cases. Unlike the rampant practice of deceiving aspirants and matching them to programs not meant for them, our approach is direct and vivid. We provide our clients with the relevant information they need to know to decide what program to go for and how to do it.

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